Residence on the Rocks

Residence on the Rocks

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Residence on the Rocks is an exclusive Seychelles villa hidden amongst lush emerald-green forests on a hill side between Takamaka Bay and Intendance beach which is a few minutes’ walk from the Residence. It overlooks the beaches of both these bays.

Originally owned by former Beatles member George Harrison and British actor Peter Sellers, it is now the only privately-owned residence situated within the luxury international five star Banyan Tree Hotel and Spa resort which partially manages it. A caretaker couple lives on the premises and is available on a 24/7 basis to take care of the daily needs of the guests. It offers a hideaway setting in which it’s unmatched in terms of privacy and exclusivity in the Seychelles.

Villa Design and Architecture

Residence on the Rocks  is some 100 yards, uphill from the last hill villa of The Banyan Tree Luxury Resort on a special access road serving the residential area. The two-storey main house is on a relatively flat portion of the site with large granite/rock formations providing privacy on either side. The house and the large pool are on elevated concrete decks in front and just below the rock formations.  

The colonial/Creole style villa reflects the splendour of a bygone era, and the four bedrooms, of which two in cottages with separate access pathways, enhance family life and interaction and makes for a perfect retreat for multi-generational parties. They are all individually and uniquely furnished with objets d’art and antique furniture collected over a lifetime of travel.

Its double volume high ceilings and the sixteen large, old Haveli Palace doors, which were brought in from India, lead into spacious overhanging verandas, all with spectacular ocean views, creating a feeling of grandeur whilst allowing fragrant breezes to move freely around spacious rooms. The end result is a product with a powerful and unique emotional appeal, offering the ultimate in privacy, exclusivity and luxury.

The Villa

Residence on the Rocks has a main house and two guest cottages that are surrounded in front and on the side by a typical Creole style flat roofed veranda in a colonnade design, and opposite the guest cottages, on the other side of the pool, is gazebo/sala built ontop of a granite rock, which can be used for outdoor dining and also for massages. This provides an expansive outdoor living area surrounded by large granite rock formations and a high perimeter wall ensuring absolute privacy and exclusivity. The main lounge (below the master bedroom) has an elevated library entertainment section in which one of the large granite walls protrudes into this room. There is also a fully equipped kitchen/dining room downstairs.

Main House

Residence on the Rock’s two storey main building has a central court yard separating the upstairs bedroom / downstairs lounge and the upstairs bedroom / downstairs dining room kitchen section.

Guest Cottages

The villa’s  two separate guest cottages are 30 yards to the side of the central pool. Their design is Creole in nature with some 450m² of covered area. Below the guest cottage there is a utility service area which has now been converted into accommodation for the caretakers.  

Villa Bedrooms

The villa’s four bedrooms are all very spacious. Two have a king master bed and the third one is a twin with one king and one queen size bed. The second guest cottage has a twin configuration but the two beds can also be combined into a king size unit. The master bedroom has a large dressing room adjacent to the bathroom and an elevated work/study area.

Environmental Issues

Seychelles as a destination has a reputation for its unspoilt nature. The residence was built trying to live up to the island’s image and thus minimally impact the immediate environment. The large rocks were incorporated into the building and no large trees were cut. In some cases they were also incorporated as part of the building structure.

Energy consumption is kept low by supplying hot water through a solar panel system built into the roofs. All timber used is recycled material from India recovered from old buildings which were taken down.
Finally, all roof areas are double insulated ensuring there is minimal heat radiation via the roofs, thus keeping the required AC load to a minimum, and LED lights and other power saving light fixtures are deployed throughout.

The overall design incorporates maximum energy efficiency measures without affecting the expected comfort level and different areas of the garden present idyllic places to sit, read, reflect and enjoy the spectacular views of both ocean and vegetation.

The residence is meant to offer a well thought out life style experience which benefits from the ‘en suite’ five star Banyan Tree Hotel and its facilities and which will take your stay far beyond a traditional hotel experience.

Property Details
  • 4 Suites/Bedrooms
  • 4 Bathrooms
  • Beautiful sea views
  • Oceanfront villa
  • Private Pool
  • Butler
  • Air conditioned
  • Private Pool
  • 24/7 Security system
  • WiFi
  • Fully equipped Kitchen
  • Parking
  • Entertainment area


  • Housekeeping
  • House linen and towels
  • Simple meals by butler

With Supplement

  • Tray service from Banyan Tree Resort
  • Laundry service
  • Airport Transfers

Excursions and stays on outer islands can be easily booked and renting a car is recommended and can be arranged. It provides the necessary freedom as far as exploring the wide range of beaches along the main coastal roads of Mahe and occasional visits to a range of restaurants within easy driving distance of the residence which make it possible to sample the local cuisine.

  • 5 min on foot to beach
  • Privileged access to Banyan Tree Resort & Spa
  • 30 mins from Airport
  • Butler
  • Housekeeping
  • Security
  • Gardener
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