Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Booking Conditions Contract
Your contract is with Villas De Maitre Limited (hereinafter referred to as VDM) and is deemed to have been made at its office – 70 Wendover Road, Aylesbury, HP21 9LW England.

1. When you make your booking you must complete a booking form, accepting on behalf of all your party the terms of these booking conditions and pay the relevant non-refundable deposit percentage required for each rental, usually between 30% and 50% of the invoice total. Failure to complete a booking form as requested will not be an excuse for not reading these conditions, and any client who makes a booking, whether by telephone, fax, letter or email, will be deemed to have read and have accepted these conditions. A contract will exist when VDM issues a confirmation invoice.

2. The balance of the price of your accommodation must generally be paid at least 8 weeks prior to the date of travelling. If the balance is not paid on time, VDM reserves the right to cancel your accommodation, retain your deposit and apply cancellation charges. Payment in full is required for bookings made within 8 weeks of travelling date.

VDM has the following Price Policy on all holiday rentals:


Ask your travel agent or Elegant destinations for a confirmation of the current price at the time you make your booking. When full payment of the price is received by Elegant Destinations within seven days of the date shown on our Confirmation Invoice, we guarantee that your rental price will not change, except in case of applicable tax increases or new taxes imposed by the authorities in Mauritius and Seychelles

Where applicable, approximately 10 weeks prior to departure, you will be sent a Statement of Account showing the full amount and the balance payable. This amount must be forwarded to Elegant Destinations within 14 days of the statement date unless an earlier settlement is required.

1. The client may, by notice in writing, cancel his booking at any time. In the event of cancellation after the booking has been confirmed, the following cancellation charges are payable:

56 days or more prior to departure = loss of the non-refundable deposit
0-55 days = loss of that deposit plus 100% of balance

42 days or more prior to departure = loss of the non-refundable deposit
22-41 days = loss of that deposit plus 50% of balance
0-21 days = loss of that deposit plus 100% of balance

2. Cancellation must be in writing signed by the lead person who signed the booking form and it will be acknowledged by VDM.

3. VDM will attempt to comply with any request for amendment to a booking made after the booking has been confirmed, but cannot undertake that it will do so. A fee of £15.00 or 20 euros per person may be charged if an amendment is accepted.

4. VDM reserves the right, after the date of payment of the balance of the price becomes due, to cancel any rental reservation or make alterations thereto whenever circumstances beyond its control amounting to force majeure render such cancellation or such alteration unavoidable or, without prejudice to VDM’s other rights, if the client defaults in payment of the balance of the price due.

5. If VDM cancels or makes any material alteration to the holiday, it will inform the client as soon as is reasonably practicable and will offer the client, in the case of alteration, the choice of accepting the alteration, which must be of comparable standard, if available, or in either case, a prompt and full refund of all money paid.

6. We strongly recommend that travel insurance is taken to cover the risk of cancellation charges.

1. The accommodation provided is for the exclusive use of clients shown on the booking form or other confirmation email. Sub-letting, sharing or assignment is strictly prohibited.

2. Please note that check-in time of most private accommodation is 14h00 (2.00pm) and check-out time is 10h00 (10.00am). Whilst VDM will endeavour to provide the accommodation earlier in the case of earlier flight arrivals and later check-outs in case of late departing flights, it cannot be guaranteed, and clients’ co-operation in complying with this condition would be greatly appreciated in order that the properties may be prepared for incoming guests.

3. If clients wish to have guaranteed earlier access to either their hotel room or private accommodation, they must book the previous night to avoid any disappointment and/or inconvenience. In the case of late departures, we recommend that a late departure fee is agreed whenever possible, again to avoid any disappointment.

4. Hotel check-in and check-out times vary and details regarding specific hotels will be provided upon request.

All damages and breakages will be charged to clients and must be paid before vacating any rented private property. Please note that in a few properties clients will be required upon arrival to complete a check in form, and an imprint of their credit card will be taken to serve as a guarantee against any breakages, excessive cleaning or loss to property.

The client undertakes to behave in an orderly fashion and not to disrupt the enjoyment of other clients or in any way harm the reputation of VDM, and is responsible for the behaviour of any visitors to the villa during the rental period. VDM has had problems in the past when clients received visits from people living locally who came in large numbers and/or were very noisy causing disturbance to other persons living close by. Such visits are strongly discouraged and the rental of any client in breach of this clause shall be terminated forthwith and VDM shall have no further contractual obligations towards him or her.

If, during the course of the rental the client has reasons for complaint or dissatisfaction, he should contact VDM as soon as possible through his local representative in order that immediate remedial action may be taken.

As most swimming pools in Mauritius are not protected, it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that children are supervised in their vicinity at all times. VDM declines all responsibility in this respect should they fail to do so.

1. VDM agrees to use all reasonable endeavours to provide the booked accommodation as described in the electronic brochure, but will not be responsible if, having used all reasonable endeavours and care, it is unable to do so.

2. VDM accepts no liability (except where VDM is proved not to have used due diligence) for any loss or damage incurred or suffered by any client in connection with any mode of transport in any way arising out of the holiday.

3. All baggage and personal possessions remain at all times and in all circumstances at the owner’s risk except where VDM has proved not to have used due diligence.

4. Whilst VDM uses due diligence in its efforts to ensure that all descriptions of, or any information in relation to, accommodation supplied to clients are accurate, it shall not be liable in the event that an aspect of the accommodation fails to comply with any description of information even if the client specifically relied on that particular aspect in choosing or booking that accommodation, provided VDM has used due diligence.

5. VDM shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising in connection with the accommodation caused by any matter outside the reasonable control of VDM including (but not limited to) Acts of God, war, civil disturbance, strikes or other industrial action, acts of government, failure of public services (e.g. water and electricity), failure of mechanical equipment such as boilers, air-conditioning units etc although VDM will use due diligence to remedy such failures.

The minibus or taxi service that is recommended by VDM to ensure airport transfers at the request of clients operates as an independent service. Any client travelling in any such vehicle or taxi recommended by VDM does so at his or her own risk. It is also the responsibility of the client to verify their required airport check-in time and to confirm their own reservations as described in the flight agents booking conditions.

VDM has ceased to accept payment by credit card online as from 30th June 2014. All payments from that date onwards have to be settled by bank transfer in Sterling, Euro or US$, all bank fees being for the account of the client.