Exotic Weddings Made Simple with Elegant Destinations

What could be more appealing than exchanging vows on a white sandy beach with palm trees waving in the distance and soothing waves gently lapping around your feet. In Mauritius, you are spoilt for choice: a top class hotel or your own villa.
Whatever your choice, we are here to make it all happen for you.

What could be more idyllic than a small-scale wedding in your own private villa with close friends and family?  Our local staff have been primed to organise the ceremony, catering, flowers, cake, and music.  Meaning you and your wedding party can relax and enjoy your time in paradise, safe in the knowledge our staff have the highest standards and the best contacts on the island to make everything run smoothly.

Sublime & Romantic


The planning of your intimate beach wedding with you and your partner begins here.

Why a Beach Wedding?
The answer seems simple….you get to travel as well as get married…but actually there are more than one reason to get married in another location and the benefits are numerous.

It is Cost Effective …
Getting married overseas is a cost effective way as both your wedding and your honeymoon are in the same place. Most hotels in Mauritius offer wedding packages at good rates and if you are staying in a villa it is even more cost effective as we can sometimes organise your wedding in the villa itself, or otherwise on any beach, thus allowing you to have your wedding at a fraction of the cost. As rates in Mauritius are so much lower than in Europe you can literally cut your reception budget in half.

We can also offer alternative budget accommodation for guests who may otherwise find the whole idea more expensive than expected.

… and simply Hassle Free
Our dedicated staff have become familiar with most wishes of brides and will get everything done for you. Mauritius has eased the rules and restrictions on getting married there and we can usually include most wishes that a bride may have with our stress-free planning, thus doing everything for you the way you choose to have it. Just show up as planned and it is all ready for you. With so many secluded and private villas offering romantic settings for ceremonies on the beach or in a tropical garden, couples can have their idyllic wedding according to their wishes.

… and it is Unique and Fun, we’ll make your dreams come true…!

Beach Wedding Package

What better place to tie the knot than on an island Mark Twain once described as the ‘blueprint for paradise.’ Exchange vows on a beach of fine white sand, with palm trees swaying in the distance and the warm waters of the ocean gently lapping at your feet.
Mauritius is one of the few places left that understands and cherishes the magic of romance. To be in love and in Mauritius is to be as close to heaven as it is possible to get.  Whether you’ve sealed it with a kiss or vows, do it all over again. A beach wedding offers you a romantic way to begin or continue a life of wedded bliss

“Every couple deserves to celebrate their love with a special touch.
We are honoured to make your moment incredibly unforgettable”

The Package includes:

  • All legal formalities to be organised by our local staff
  • Pick up at the hotel or villa and transfer to a private beach
  • Welcome of the couple with a cocktail drink
  • Civil ceremony conducted by a Civil Status officer
  • Professional photographer with 50 special photos
  • Bridal Bouquet and Button-hole for the couple
  • Wedding cake and sparkling wine
  • Well decorated beach location with flowers, bouquet and exotic fruits
  • Assistance with registration and certification of the marriage

The Beach Wedding package costs Euro 1295 per couple but a supplement of Euro 150 applies to weddings that have to be registered at the French embassy.

Please note that if one of you is of Mauritian nationality, or has a Mauritius residence permit, then the above may not apply. Please contact us for more information).